The Big Buddy

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The Big Buddy is the best buddy for anyone with a myriad of house plants.

Your Big Buddy is perfect for bottom watering (or top watering for that matter) repotting, propagating, and containing the dirt and water that your beautiful wee plant babies are likely to throw all over the place. Every type of houseplant could use a little help from a Big Buddy. You can leave it under your plants, hang it up by its handy hanging hole or just pop it on a shelf. Its beautiful Hunter Green color makes it a delight to have on display when not in use. In fact, it’s totally ok with us, if you want to use this big beauty as a tray to serve tea and cake. 

These beautiful, powder coated trays are proudly plastic free, and will last you a very long time.

Made In Aotearoa.

500w x 40h

Our Big Buddies are on Pre-Order and will ship as soon as they ready. Approximately the beginning of November.