The first thing to think about when setting up your Wick Stick is 'does this plant LOVE water?!' Think Ferns, Calatheas, Elephant Ears, Philodendron, Pothos, Spider plant.

Also another thing to think about is does my plant need a full time Wick Stick or does it just need it when I am away for an extended period of time or over hot summer periods. (We really don't want you to over water your beautiful house plants.)

To start setting up your Wick Stick, it is best that the dirt around your plant is damp but completely drained. Your plant needs to be in a pot with drainage holes also so that any excess water can easily drain.

Next, soak your cord in water. Make sure it is so sopping wet that it sinks - pull the cord out each end of the Wick Stick so that the entire cord is wet. Give the cord a big squeeze to remove any excess moisture (if you leave it sopping wet you may turn your Wick Stick into a siphon).


Now stick one end of your Wick Stick in your plant. (Your plant that has been pre-watered and drained so the soil is damp) To do that, create a long worm hole in your pot plant (we use a chopstick) and stick the end of your wick in it. If you’re transplanting your plant to a new container you can pop the cord towards the bottom of the pot, atop a little soil while you transplant.

Make sure the copper is sitting under the soil line to minimise evaporation.

There will be some tweaking required but start with about 10cm of cord in your plant pot. If you think the plant is getting too much water (the top of your soil staying wet), pull some cord out. If you think it needs more, put in more cord. It will depend on the size and variety of the plant.

Then grab yourself a bottle or jug and stick in the other end of the pipe in it.


Fill your vessel (jug or bottle) with water and voila you are done.

Your plant babies will still need you. But this little bit of magic (science) will help you out when you have to abandon your green babies, as we all do sometimes for holidays or work or just straight neglect.

You are welcome.

The Wick Stick

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